About Us

Ty-Golau is a health and wellbeing facility for people aged 50 and over, many of whom have memory problems, Alzheimer's or dementia type illnesses.
  • Activities Include

    Activities Include

    Reminiscence Therapy
    Reality Orientation
    Music and Movement
    Indoor Gardening
    Simple Cookery
    Life Story work
    Exercise & Relaxation
    And Much More....

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Our Mission Statement

At Ty-Golau, we believe that as people get older, they are entitled to maintain dignity, health and wellbeing. Our mission is to apply this belief in practise, by providing a centre where people can come to socialise, be valued, included and appreciated.

Our Values

Ty-Golau offers support and respite to family / carers as they can leave the person they care for within the group in the knowledge that they are safe, well looked after and having a good time.

How we measure our success

Through the use of our activities, we measure our success by the feedback and comments we receive from both service users, care homes and family members, who notice marked improvements in memory, mood motivation, engagement and social skills.

Our History

Ty-Golau opened its doors in Kidwelly in 2011 with 1 service user and we are almost now at full capacity with 30 service users at Kidwelly plus 8 family / carers attending on a weekly basis. We run sessions in Llanelli where 29 are currently attending with 13 carers and we are receiving new referrals on a weekly basis.

Specialist Care

The sessions provide specialist care with interesting and stimulating activities for the service users. These are designed to enhance the skills required to perform everyday tasks.


Currently, we have about 29 people @ Llanelli and 30 people at Kidwelly + (family members / carers) who attend the sessions on a weekly basis. These are residents from care homes as well as people living independently in the community.

Numbers attending our sessions have increased so dramatically over the past few months that we are seriously considering opening for an extra session at Llanelli. (A huge commitment but may be necessary if numbers continue to increase).

One to One

Following the group sessions, service users may be offered one to one activities. These activities vary from week to week and are 'needs led'. During these activities, the service users are provided with meaningful stimulation and are given guidance and support in completing the tasks successfully.

What it Costs!

To generate income, we charge £5 per session. Family and carers just pay £1 for tea/coffee and cake. This small charge covers the cost of resources needed for each session eg. FREE prize draw, stationary, IT resources and publicity etc.

Who We Work With

The work of Ty-Golau is in line with the Welsh Assembly Government, the 'National Dementia Action Plan for Wales' and the 'National Service Framework for Older People'. Other partnerships include Alzheimer's Society, Age Cymru and Crossroads. We welcome personal enquiries and receive direct referrals from Local Health Boards (LHB) and other partner organisations eg. Alzheimer's Society, Age Cymru, and Crossroads.

Fundraising Events

We also like a challenge! Income generation has been achieved through sponsored walks, sponsored slim, concerts, fashion shows etc. Please see our events page for up an coming sponsorship events.

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