“It’s very educational, you learn something new every day”.
“It’s good to meet new people”.
“We have fun and laughter, everyone is cheerful , it lifts the spirits”.
“Happy memories down Memory Lane”.
“There is a variety of things happening here”.
“It’s a chance to share useful information”
“You meet nice people”
“Everyone is friendly and helpful”
This is the highlight of the week!
Elsie, after a Reminiscence session: "Thank you for giving me back my memories".
"My mother loves coming and I enjoy it too. I really must try to stop calling out the answers though. I get so excited"
This is the Laughing place we come to..
Mervin, (who cares for his wife) Alice and I love it. We look forward to it every week. I can't take her anywhere else.
Joyce Acton (93) I love coming. It's the highlight of my week.
“I enjoy it just as much as my wife”.
“Lovely, friendly atmosphere here and new friendships are made”.
"My husband tells people he is going to Youth Club”.
“Ty-Golau is one big, happy family”
“We get useful tips and practical ideas”.
“Ty-Golau makes everyone welcome and comfortable”
“Coming to Ty-Golau lifts Mum’s mood”
“I call it the Laughing Place”
Janet Williams (then Manager of a local care home) "I thank God for the day you knocked on our door and invited us to Ty-Golau. Our residents love coming".
An elderly gentleman living in a care home, "I don’t bother getting up in the morning, there’s nothing to get up for. But when it’s Ty-Golau day, I’m first up"
"My father loves every session, even though he cant remember having been here the next day".
If you ever closed, I don't know what I'd do!
It's fantastic! My wife really enjoys it and I enjoy it too.
Rosalind (57) I love it when I can answer your questions. We have a lot of fun.